Thursday, 11 July 2013


PUI has started

and here Iam, busy making video batch
where I hope our batch could get along together while making it

but yeah.. tuisyen, tahfiz. extraclass, tired (fasting) bla bla
well of course I can't blame them its all for their own future~

but I just can't understand most that free but doesnt care about it and keep
asking why what and how =_=

I just.. I don't know.

They said "oh I want to help you.. but HOW can I help you??!"
"oh I do want to help you but WHY should I??!"
"oh I really want to help you but WHAT can I do??!"

Do I really hav to answer every SAME question?!
Do you really need ppl to help you find the answer???
you know what.. you remind me of ust Shahrul's story
Pelajar A and Pelajar B

Youre so PELAJAR A

and you know why???

thats WHY!


-helpless and hopeless-

Ni sheng wo qile? Dui? WO BU GUAN~ *smirk*

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Well hello there world!

well hello there PUI
and hello there pembekuan :D

So PUI will be start next week and Im still got my faculty of IMAGINING
(where I got an ability to form new images and sensations that are not perceived through sight, hearing
or other sense~ )

So this Wed is our (96s) last 'kelab' hurmm
I just missed my last syabab :'(
onononononono = sin x

and this Fri is our last LN
where I (was) the one who lead-ed

Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana

our second last activity where we decorate our own memories with our hoobae with various activities..
This Satur

How I wish I could spent more time with them awww~ :*
like seriously.. when was my last time pee-pant?!
I missed that moment :\

btw lastly next week (maybe)..

where we (96s) pray, struggle and hope for the BEST
looking at old pic & noticing how lame you were when you were younger

~Pic spam~ 

Well looking at old pic & noticing how lame you and your friends were; 
is like drinking a cup of wasabi with coffee in it~
where you can still remember how itchy your face after your group leader wipe your face with
mayonnaise+tuna+flour+(I dont know whats that colourful things name).. 

where you met your old bestfriend..

 where you team up with a stranger and built gadget together..

where you falling in love with the same tree?? ..

where you two took a good snapshot to keeps a moment from running away..

where you guys were trying to take a nice pic with all five in it but FAILED (lol afa)
well but we still can see afa~..

where you were trying to make romantic scene but it turns to awkward pose..

where your friend spoiled your pic (okay joke) ..

where you make a new bestfriend..

where you were not ready yet to snap but candid...

where you two still together until now..

where the weird family still exist in your heart..

where you three still making a dirty joke (especially Bii) ...

where you dont care 'bout your looks..

where the scariest masyab, once was a cute little girl ..

where you have been forever alone...

where you work together and hav fun on stage..

where you missed you bestfriend...

where you making peace together v(^.^)v...

where Im still planning on kidnapping her ...

where your smile make life more beautiful...

where you can see your friends wore hot pink for the first time

where syi's joke retarded (sorry syi~)


and where you all grown up together FOREVER


Monday, 3 June 2013

Why I choose PSV

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

Saturday, 23 February 2013


*background music*

Monday, 18 February 2013

Coconut vs Chocolate

Yesterday, my sister paid a visit but yeah as usual Im still sleeping
well my mom has already try to wake me up by calling me with her scary voice

but hey why should I stop dreaming about coconut just because I hav to meet my sister
and greet her "Good morning sister, how are you? Aww you came visit AGAIN!"

seriously guys, AGAIN. Come on, she visit us everyday after the day she moved out =_=

I mean like stop dreaming about coconut..
Hello! Im dreaming 'bout drinking coconut water infront of Henshin's house!
but I hav to greet my sister?!
Oh my god, AS IF!!

-k out of topic-

So then, my sister went up stairs and went into my room..
I heard she said somethin but coconut infront of Henshin's house~

she shake me off and tryin to wake me up

but yeah.. coconut. LOL.

untill I heard she went down stairs adn went back upstairs
and into my room and whisper to my ear,

"Maya, open your mouth.. Ive bought chocolate for you"
I opened my mouth and pft-!



I split it out urgh =___=" sorry to say but I HATE DARK CHOCOLATE.
and there're a few chocolate (not dark choco) that I cant stand =.= urgh

say nono to
dark, sweet, bitter and white

 Sorry sis :\



Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Taemin is back!

Lee Taemin (SHINee)
20 tahun

K serius bermula form 3 bile tgk taemin rasa mcm tgk abg sendiri
tak tergoda langsung tp tadi >////<

sejak bile lak die jadi lelaki ni??

~(^_^~) ~(^_^)~ (~^_^)~

bayangkan budak kecik yang suka buat aegyo..
(aegyo = act cute)



sampai ana muak lak dgn aegyo die

dan budak yg walaupun tak buat aegyo tp still comel..


dan budak kecik yang lebih cantik drpd perempuan TT^TT
(k takde la 'lebih' cantik just cantik je)

tetapi kini berubah menjadi seorang LELAKI!!

LOL sebelum ni apa?


Taemin's pic spam

=___= inlove+jealous = ?

Tenungaaaaaan :D

Muka maraaaah ^^


Muka sayu~ ;A;

Kecewaaaa ~(^_^~)

termenung -..-

muka paling tmpt lain + tangan dlm poket.. OMOOO!!

muka serious!!

Muka nak confess >////<

Seriuuuuusnya TT^TT


C.O.O.L d(^_^)b

ok.. KACAK!!! ^^


Taemin failed aegyo =____="