Saturday, 23 February 2013


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Monday, 18 February 2013

Coconut vs Chocolate

Yesterday, my sister paid a visit but yeah as usual Im still sleeping
well my mom has already try to wake me up by calling me with her scary voice

but hey why should I stop dreaming about coconut just because I hav to meet my sister
and greet her "Good morning sister, how are you? Aww you came visit AGAIN!"

seriously guys, AGAIN. Come on, she visit us everyday after the day she moved out =_=

I mean like stop dreaming about coconut..
Hello! Im dreaming 'bout drinking coconut water infront of Henshin's house!
but I hav to greet my sister?!
Oh my god, AS IF!!

-k out of topic-

So then, my sister went up stairs and went into my room..
I heard she said somethin but coconut infront of Henshin's house~

she shake me off and tryin to wake me up

but yeah.. coconut. LOL.

untill I heard she went down stairs adn went back upstairs
and into my room and whisper to my ear,

"Maya, open your mouth.. Ive bought chocolate for you"
I opened my mouth and pft-!



I split it out urgh =___=" sorry to say but I HATE DARK CHOCOLATE.
and there're a few chocolate (not dark choco) that I cant stand =.= urgh

say nono to
dark, sweet, bitter and white

 Sorry sis :\